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DB-1 Drawbar Controller Ocean Beach Digital DB-1 Drawbar Controller. $349.99 discontinued and out of stock
Low Profile Battery Door sleek low profile door for your DB-1, makes your DB-1 look like this
(drawbar controller not included)
quantities are limited!
Stage Plate 73 The Stage Plate 73 was designed to fit the contours of the Compact Stage 2 control panel. It mounts securely using existing screw holes and extends leftward to provide a shelf for the DB-1 without interfering with the mod wheel and pitch stick. Note: Only fits the Compact (73-key) Stage 2. Does not fit Stage, Stage EX, or the 76 and 88 key models. $37.99 item is discontinued, sorry!
Drawbar caps - set of nine (2 brown, 3 block, 4 ivory) If you own a Korg Kronos, Kurzweil PC3, or other keyboard, why settle for a basic black rectangular knob when you can use a set of realistic drawbar caps? This is custom-designed knob is available only from Ocean Beach Digital, inspired by and color-matched to the the knobs from an early 1950s Hammond B3.   $18.00
MIDI cable, 1 foot recommended for: Electro, Electro 2, Electro 3, Electro 3HP.
You will need two of them.
MIDI cable, 3 foot recommended for: C1, C2, Stage, Stage EX, and Stage 2
You will need two of them.
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